Election 2020: Byzantine Politics for the Modern Day

We live in interesting times; the kind of times that make one say, like Bilbo Baggins, “Sorry! I don’t want any adventures, thank you.” As of this writing, the election is still undecided even though the mainstream media calls Joe Biden the president-elect. If you’ve been getting your news from conservative media, you’re aware of … Continue reading Election 2020: Byzantine Politics for the Modern Day

Squishy Evangelicals and Enduring Persecution

Lately, and especially in the run-up to the election, I’ve noticed that a lot of big-name Evangelical leaders, a.k.a. 'Big Eva', have gone squishy on some pretty significant issues. Issues like abortion, Critical Race Theory, and even gathering to worship in person have become nuanced to the point where, to hear these Big Eva types … Continue reading Squishy Evangelicals and Enduring Persecution