Why We’re Here

By Ian McCaulley

The Christian life is hard enough without the world throwing us curveballs. Dealing with our own sin and temptation is a daily battle for the faithful Christian (Or at least it should be. Now, we also have to figure out how Christians should vote, dress, be entertained, think about [social issue here], and a whole host of issues the Bible does not directly speak about (e.g. you won’t find a verse about video games). Thankfully, God knew this was coming, and wrote the Bible in such a way that what we learn in its pages is applicable to any situation we find ourselves in. If it’s important, the Bible has you covered.

That is where this blog comes in. We take Biblical principles and apply them to the conundrums and questions Christians face in the modern world, so we can live Godly lives in a confusing, broken world.

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