Thoughts On The End Of Roe v. Wade

Well, another article I never thought I’d get to write. Roe v. Wade has been overturned, feminists are outraged, and Clarence Thomas is officially my hero. This is a momentous occasion, and there are several things I’ve noticed that are worthy of comment, so here we go.

  1. This is a time to celebrate. Buy a cake, throw a party, smooch a baby; this is a massive win for Christians, and it is right to celebrate, no matter what anyone says. Roe v. Wade was an evil decision and now it is dead. It is right for us to celebrate and thank God, regardless of the prissy, self-important bloviating of the ‘tone police’. Ignore them, and celebrate this God-given victory.
  1. It is most certainly not a time to mourn with those who mourn. I’ve seen takes online from professing Christians saying that we should mourn with those who mourn. Many choice replies come to mind when I see this response, but in the interest of not cussing, I’ll simply quote Gen. Anthony McAuliffe: “Nuts!” People who mourn the downfall of Roe v. Wade are mourning the loss of a Federal guarantee of the ability to murder helpless children without legal repercussions. Frankly, if someone is mourning the Court’s decision, they are probably not a real Christian. As Jesus said “So then, you will know them by their fruits.” People who tell Christians to mourn with those who mourn in this circumstance are twisting Scripture to encourage Christians to sin; they are false teachers.
  1. This is not a time to get complacent. We have won a significant victory in the war to protect children, but the war is not over. Now we must fight on a state-by-state basis to ban abortion. We must not fall to infighting and bickering among ourselves over the best way to end abortion and refuse to work together. Where it can’t be eliminated outright, it must be restricted. This is by no means a compromise with the pro-abortion side, just the opposite. In some states, the abortion industry is so entrenched that it will only be driven out by small, incremental steps. In this regard, we must take a page from the Left’s playbook and never be satisfied with our gains. The end of Roe v. Wade has opened the next stage of the war for life. In some states, that will look like a sudden reversal, and in others it will resemble the grinding trench warfare of WWI. Now is a time to renew our resolve and re-focus on the one goal of being pro-life: abortion must be criminalized, because it’s murder.
  1. Beware communists trying to hijack the movement. Another thing I’ve noticed among professing Christians online is the attempt to subvert the pro-live movement by shoehorning Leftist political goals into the movement under nice-sounding names like ‘holistically pro-life’, ‘womb to tomb pro-life’ or the latest ‘making abortion unthinkable’. These phrases are deliberately vague, so that leftists can insert their preferred political policies (usually the government giving free stuff to their preferred groups) under the label of pro-life and say you have to vote for them to fight abortion. This kind of tactical postmodernism reminds me of the movie Alien. In the movie, one guy gets attacked by a space bug that latches onto his face. After the bug comes off of his face, he seems fine until all of a sudden an alien (hence the name of the movie) bursts out of his chest, killing him, of course. This is exactly what we can see these Big Eva ‘thought leaders’ doing in real time, and if we don’t stand up to it then the parasite of authoritarian welfare-statism will kill the pro-life movement, replacing the quest to end the murder of children with a demand for more and more free stuff for promiscuous women. These are not the same thing, and if this is allowed to continue I wouldn’t be surprised if in a few years we see ‘pro-life’ abortion clinics. After all, it happened to the Civil Rights movement, replacing MLK’s noble dream with racist Critical Race Theory.
  1. Women are responsible for their actions. One common thread I’ve noticed in the Big Eva’s calls to ‘make abortion unthinkable’ is that they overlook women’s responsibility for their actions, and assume that the only solution is to give women free stuff. This is wrong and ignores the data, which indicates that abortion is primarily used by unmarried women, as a form of birth control. The narrative these people present is one of a woman who wants her baby but is being forced into abortion by the cruel, cruel system that won’t support them. This narrative is morally benighted in the extreme, and really insulting to women, if you think about it. These women did not get pregnant because of ‘the system’. They chose to commit the sin of fornication by sleeping with a man they were not married to. Where are the calls for women to be chaste? After all, if you’re not sleeping around, you’re not going to get pregnant out of wedlock. Even atheists understand this, which makes me very suspicious of the motives of professing Christians when they try to absolve promiscuous women of responsibility for their choices.

Now, before someone tries to say I’m attacking rape victims, that accounts for less than half of a percent of all abortions. The preceding thought very obviously does not apply to rape victims. Stop using that as cover for the majority of abortion-seeking women, who are just trying to avoid the consequences of their promiscuity. Seriously, that’s gross.

  1. There is much work to do. We aren’t just up against wicked laws when we fight abortion. We are up against the entire sexual revolution, with its assumption of sexual autonomy as a human right. We fight against feminism, and its deification of women’s autonomy. It is from these that the murderous practice of abortion springs, and it is these that must be cast down if we are to have complete victory. That sounds intimidating, but we are not alone in this fight. The pro-abortion crowd and their sympathisers in the professing church have set themselves up against God, and that will not go well for them. We must continue to fight the good fight, not by our own strength and cunning, but by trusting and obeying God, whether that is popular, or not.
  1. Don’t feel sorry for the pro-abortion side. We won, the abortion lobby lost. This is not the time to feel sorry for those who would kill children. This is the time to press the attack, unbothered by their screams of rage. When people who want to murder babies are crying, screaming, and acting like victims, it is not time to sympathize with them. It is a time to do as it says in Deuteronomy 19:13, and have no pity on murderers. We cannot relent until abortion is criminalized as murder, and punished as such. Yes, that means punishing women who get abortions.

There’s certainly more I could say, but those are my main thoughts on the overturn of Roe v. Wade. I think one day, June 24th will be a holiday. I certainly intend to celebrate it as such.

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