The Importance Of Being Disciplined

“If it feels good, do it.” This is the credo of 21st century consumerist, entertainment driven Western culture in its pursuit of saccharine pleasures and decadent self-indulgence. The evidence of our obsession with pleasure is everywhere, if you take a moment to just stop and look. The effort put into ensuring easy access to entertainment, … Continue reading The Importance Of Being Disciplined

Selfishness, Society, And The Breakdown Of The Family

Our society is thoroughly broken, as you have doubtless noticed. Many explanations have been proffered as to why a society as wealthy and powerful as that of the United States should be falling apart, riven by riots, political infighting, and racial tension. While it ultimately tracks back to the fallen nature of humanity, fallen humans … Continue reading Selfishness, Society, And The Breakdown Of The Family