Three Observations On The Nashville Shooting

It’s time to talk about the transgender mass murder at Covenant School in Nashville. The hot takes are over, the responses have been made and we have enough information to make informed judgements. I have three observations I thought would be worth sharing.

The World Is Not Your Friend

This is the obvious one. The Biden regime’s response was to proclaim a ‘Trans Day of Visibility’ and offer sympathy to the transgender community, none of whom were murdered. It’s very obvious from that response alone that our government, while not actively killing Christians, is completely fine with other people doing so. The government is not alone, of course, the transgender movement itself has a disturbing bloodthirsty streak, that is encouraged by a narrative of ‘trans genocide’, selective enforcement of laws by left-wing state, local, and national governments, and genuinely Orwellian news reporting.

This shouldn’t be surprising. The world hates our Lord, so of course they’ll hate us. They can’t strike at Him directly, so they strike at us, because they hate Him. They’re not even pretending to pity us anymore. We need to be prepared for the persecution to get worse.

Evangelical Intellectuals May Not Be Your Friends Either

What have Evangelical elites done in response to this? Where are the likes of David French and Russell Moore to warn us of the dangers of ‘Transgender Nationalism’ when transgender activists call for a ‘Day of Vengeance’? They were happy to take up the talking point of ‘Christian Nationalism’ when some rowdy Trump supporters (not even Christians) walked into the Capitol under the watchful eye of Capitol Police and then left when asked to.

This is a phenomenon that’s bugged me for a while. Why are these professing Christians so quick to get on board with the unbelieving world’s attacks on their fellow Christians? They’re happy to call Christians they don’t even know racists and misogynists for voting for a politician they don’t like, but when their fellow Christians are murdered? Barely a peep. I perceive more concern about the ongoing threat to Christians from transgender radicalism from Ben Shapiro (a Jew) than from David French and the rest of the Evangelical establishment. That’s concerning.

Something is wrong with the denizens of the Evangelical intelligentsia. As Jesus said in Matthew 7:16-20: “Grapes are not gathered from thorn bushes, nor figs from thistles, are they?” Do Christians side with the world in attacking their fellow believers? Do Christians malign each other as racist simply for voting for someone they don’t like? Do Christians not advocate for God’s laws to be reflected by those of our nation? Do Christians not call for justice and the protection of the law for their fellow believers? Where is the reflexive loyalty to one’s friends that even unbelievers show?

This is not a call to say that anyone is or isn’t a true Christian. Unless they’re spouting actual heresy, you can’t determine that from a distance. However, when those who purport to be the thought leaders of Christ’s church won’t stand up to those who hate their brothers and sisters, but are more than happy to get on board with the latest message pushed by anti-Christian media, they have forfeited their credibility.

Christ Is Your Friend, And That’s All That Counts

Last Sunday, my local church gathered for worship, just like Jesus commanded. Thousands of churches across the nation did the same, as did believers around the world. In China, North Korea, and throughout the Muslim world, other believers met in secret. We met and worshiped just as Christians have for the past 2,000 years. The murderous tyranny of the Roman Empire could not kill Christ’s church, nor could the rampant heresy of the Roman Catholic Church. Totalitarian states from the Third Reich to the Soviet Union have tried and failed to destroy it. Even the oppressive murderous expansion of Islam could not keep Christ from redeeming people for Himself, try as they might. The leftists of today are just the latest in a long line of renegades who have tried to fight against the rightful King of the universe.

Just like all who came before them, they will fail. We should not fear them. Reasonable security measures are fine. We can and should defend ourselves and others if we are able to. But know that ultimately, no matter what they do, the efforts of those who would persecute us are pathetic and futile. They rage against a God that they cannot stop, cannot hurt, nor can they even slow Him down. Christ continues to build His church, and the pride-stickered gates of Hell will still not prevail against it.

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