Here’s Why I’m Not Worried About Coronavirus and You Shouldn’t Be Either

Everybody’s worried about the Chinese coronavirus, it seems; and not without good reason. As Christians, though, we don’t need to be. As dangerous as coronavirus is (mostly to old people), we needn’t be afraid when we remember:

God is still in control of the universe. The devil had to ask His permission to afflict Job. He decides the outcome of every die rolled on the face of the planet. The mightiest winds and the tiniest air currents blow when and where he decides. Every mote of dust in every sunbeam throughout the universe follows the exact course He decided it would take. Every single microbe in this pandemic is exactly where He meant for it to be; not even one is misplaced.

God has a good reason for the coronavirus. God is not going to Plan B just because some dude in China chowed down on a bat while He wasn’t looking. God has no Plan B. He doesn’t need one. That Chinese guy ate that particular bat on that particular day because God’s good plan required it. Whatever the outcome of this pandemic, we can be assured it is for our good and, most importantly, for His glory.

God knows and cares for you individually. God knows each and every human being individually (Matthew 10:29-31), and on a deeper level than anyone other than Himself. This much is true even of unbelievers, but for believers not only does he know you more deeply than even you know yourself, but he loves you more than any mere human ever could. Jesus did not die for some nameless, faceless group of people, but rather for each and every individual believer. That means he died for you, personally. He has not forgotten you, rather, He cares uniquely for you, and has your best interest at heart.

The worst that can happen is eternal happiness. It may well be that you catch the disease; you may even die from it. The first 15 minutes in His presence will make all the suffering of this present life seem like nothing, compared to the infinite bliss of heaven. Even ten million years after that, there will be an infinite amount of time to spend in God’s presence, every second of which will be better than the best day of your current life.

As we’ve seen, no matter what happens, believers are going to be fine. The all-powerful, all-knowing God of the universe has chosen to take a personal interest in each of us. Because of this, we have nothing to worry about. Yes, we should act responsibly; follow the government’s quarantine orders, wash your hands, and all that, but put your trust in God.

Also, don’t eat bats; that’s just gross.

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