Human Worth and the Myth of Equality

One of the foundational tenets of our society is the notion of ‘equality’, the idea that everyone is and ought to be equal. Unfortunately, equality is seldom defined beyond this and it has led to a great deal of confusion, grief and outright deception in our society. The problem stems from the intentional conflation of two different conceptions of equality, in a textbook example of tactical postmodernism.

The first idea of equality, Type 1 equality let’s call it, is that all humans have equal value, in virtue of being human. This is an idea that Christians can easily subscribe to because all human beings are created in the image of God, see Genesis 1:27. Since no person can be made more or less in the image of God, we all have equal value because we are equally made in the image of God. Under Type 1 equality, the dumbest person to ever live has equal value with a multiple Nobel prize winner, because they are both made in the image of God. This is because a person’s value is based solely on being made in the image of God.

The second idea of equality, however, is much different. This notion of equality, Type 2 equality, holds that all people are by nature equal in all things. According to Type 2 equality, people are equally intelligent, equally capable, equal in all things. As affirming and inoffensive as it sounds, Type 2 equality is in reality a fiction of the more pernicious sort. Type 2 equality is the result of an attempt to adapt Type 1 equality, which relies on spiritual reality, to a materialistic worldview that denies any form of spiritual reality. The result is a Fallout-worthy mutant hybrid of materialism and spirituality, held together by screeds, groupthink, and unquestioned political orthodoxy.

In a materialistic worldview, there is nothing outside of the material world to base one’s value upon, which means we have to base our value on something we have in the material world. Thus, our value is based in things like power, status, money, ability, and sex appeal. Unlike being made in the image of God, these attributes are not equally distributed. Some people are naturally good at math, while some of us aren’t on speaking terms with fractions. Some people are very attractive, while others have a face only a mother could love, if she didn’t look too close. In the words of renowned economist Thomas Sowell, “Nobody is equal to anybody. Even the same man is not equal to himself on different days.”

This is a great inconvenience to proponents of materialism, who want the equal value of Type 1 equality, because it feels nice, without the whole acknowledging God thing, as that would kind of defeat the purpose of the project. Rather than repent of their rejection of God, they double down on their contradictory beliefs. If people are equally valuable, and our value comes from attributes that are not equally distributed, then those attributes must actually be equally distributed, and if they’re not then it’s a grave injustice. Thus we see Type 2 equality at the base of much of the sinful nonsense in our culture. We can see it in feminism, which asserts that women should be able to kill their children because women and men are ‘equal’, and men don’t get pregnant. We can see it in the transgender movement where a man who cuts off certain bits and takes hormones is allowed to beat the snot out of, er I mean compete with, women. 

Unlike Type 1 equality, which is inherent, Type 2 equality must be enforced, down to the level of thought. It requires that every little facet of human existence be monitored, adjusted, and regulated, lest someone have a little more than someone else, or be a little better than them, and thus be a more valuable person. People must not even think differently lest one person be deemed more attractive than another.  The logic of Type 2 equality points directly to an Orwellian regime of totalitarianism and thought-control; because SJWs are never wrong, it’s just that bigoted old reality that refuses to admit they’re right. We can see this coming about already in things like the ‘fat pride’ movement, with its claims that being obese is healthy and attractive, and if you’re not attracted to a woman with more rolls than a bakery you’re a fatphobic bigot, i.e. a thought criminal. They have to do this, because otherwise people won’t be equal, and that would be wrong because people are equal and if they’re not equal that’s bad. In Type 2 equality, war is peace, ignorance is strength, and transwomen are women.

The contradictions of Type 2 equality can’t be openly acknowledged, lest the cognitive dissonance prove to be too much and the belief system collapse under the weight of its own absurdity. This is why proponents of ‘equality’ are so intolerant of any questioning of their agenda. If you question whether we really should be sending women to fight in wars, someone might notice that the Army has lower physical standards for women than for men, and wonder why that is. Since the reason, that women are physically weaker than men and thus there would be very very few women in the Army if we held them to the same standard, exposes the falsity of Type 2 equality, such a question mustn’t ever see the light of day. Therefore, if you so much as question whether it’s a good idea to send women into combat, you’re a knuckle-dragging misogynist, who deserves to be cast out of society for your wrongthink. They have to do this, because otherwise the entire edifice will collapse.

Unfortunately for them, this collapse is only a matter of time. Anyone with a brain in his head can see that people aren’t equally capable in all areas, which means it’s only a matter of time until Type 2 equality collapses in the face of its own absurdity. But the rejection of Type 2 equality doesn’t mean an automatic switch to Type 1 equality. Type 1 equality requires that you believe that God exists, and all people are made in His image. Once adherents of Type 2 equality stop believing that we’re equally capable, they’re still left with the belief that a person’s value is determined by ability, looks, etc. This doesn’t lead to peace and harmony, but rather a vicious struggle to be ‘the best’. We’re already seeing this take place in the intersectional crowd, which grants more authority and value to someone the more ‘oppressed’ they are, and the associated quest to be the most oppressed through increasingly bizarre ‘oppressed’ groups.

While this kind of nonsense and catastrophe is to be expected from the world, we wouldn’t expect to see it in the church. Unfortunately, this ideology has slipped into the church as well, as we can see from the rise in women ‘pastors’, ‘Christian feminists’ and soft complementarians, driven by this same idea that men and women have to be equally capable in all things. They can’t admit that God gifted men and women differently in some areas, and it leads them to tie themselves in knots trying to square passages like 1 Timothy 2:12 with their presuppositions.

This isn’t an issue at all if you hold to Type 1 equality, and say that all humans have equal value because we are made in the image of God. Just because you, as a man, aren’t as instinctively empathetic and emotional as a woman doesn’t mean you’re some terrible unfeeling brute, worth less than women. God designed you differently on purpose, and you have the same intrinsic worth as anyone else, man or woman.

Type 1 equality frees us from measuring our abilities against those of others to determine our worth, so that we can instead use our strengths to help others with things they aren’t good at. The simple fact is that nobody is good at everything and we all have weaknesses, some more than others. Our abilities and inabilities are given out by God, according to His plan, and they don’t affect our value in His eyes one bit. So instead of trying to deny inequality of abilities, we should embrace it and view it as both an opportunity to serve and a manifestation of God’s wisdom in gifting each one of us.

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