Feminism’s Transgender Secret: Why Girls Want to be Boys

In the past few years, there has been a very disturbing spike in the number of women identifying as men, to the point that women trying to become men outnumber men trying to become women. (As far as I can tell, trying to dig through the woke lingo to figure out who’s who gives me a headache.) There’s been a lot of discussion around why, with a lot of focus on the social contagion aspect of the phenomenon. While it certainly is a social contagion spread through friend groups, online influencers and political commissars, er, I mean teachers, I haven’t seen anyone asking why girls are suddenly so vulnerable to this contagion.

Think about it for a moment. The idea that a girl can become a boy is so counterintuitive that one would expect it to be rejected on its face, even by little children. We all know that girls and women are much more emotional and more easily influenced than men (a good thing in the right context, God made them that way for a reason), but they’re not that easily influenced; at least, not naturally. Just ask the company who invented cake mix, but had to leave eggs out of the mix so women wouldn’t think of it as cheating. So what has changed between the days when women wouldn’t change their cake recipes and now when they try to change their sex?

I think it’s best explained in a quote I heard from Voddie Baucham, in a seminar he did on marriage: “We don’t raise women in our culture anymore. We raise men who happen to be biologically capable of bearing children.” His point was that, thanks to feminism, we raise girls to act like boys. This, I think, is the core of the problem; feminism grooms children, especially girls, to become transgender. To understand how this works, we need to first understand the process of ‘social transitioning’ and its role in the confusion-to-castration pipeline.

The transgender recruitment pipeline works roughly as follows:

  1. Induce confusion. Since children are not sexual beings, they have very little concept of sex differences outside of men and women’s physical appearances. The younger they are, the more simplistic these distinctions are; boys wear pants, girls wear dresses, girls have long hair, boys have short hair, etc. As children grow and mature, their mental picture becomes more nuanced, of course, but even very young children learn that there are differences between men and women.

    This is why the transgender movement is so adamant about confusing kids early on, through things like drag queen story hour, exposing them to deviant sexual practices, and sex in general when they are very young. By overloading their minds with information they aren’t ready for and intentionally blurring the lines between male and female, they confuse children regarding the differences between male and female, and actively work against their mental development in this area. And yes, the ‘they’ in this case probably includes teachers at your local  government indoctrination center school.
  2. Foster confusion. With their development intentionally hindered by the actions of transgender activists and school teachers, it’s only natural that children would be confused about their gender/sex. After all, their teachers have been working hard to prevent their natural development. Once a teacher/trans activist picks up on a child’s gender confusion, they then move to affirm that confusion and encourage that child to believe that they are the opposite sex. Never will you see a public school teacher or online influencer explaining to a girl that she’s not a boy, even if she thinks she feels like one. Instead of trying to dispel the confusion, these teachers and activists foster the confusion and help it grow.
  3. Social transition. Hard on the heels of affirming a confused child as the opposite sex, comes ‘social transition’, which can be thought of as a pre-mutilation warm-up. In this stage, the gender-confused child begins LARPing as the opposite sex, but doesn’t do anything to alter their body, so no hormones, puberty blockers, etc. This is the stage where a girl will take on a masculine name, start dressing as a boy, trying to act like a boy, and demanding that you refer to her with masculine pronouns, etc.
  4. ‘Gender affirmation’. This is where the Nazi doctor stuff starts to happen. Kids are put on puberty blockers, then opposite-sex hormones, then ultimately have their bodies mutilated to look like the opposite sex. This is the stuff that can’t be fixed.

Now, let’s compare this to how girls are raised in modern society.

Girls are taught from a young age that they can do anything a boy can do, as well as he can do it, if not better, while not being taught the virtues of traditionally feminine activities, like childcare and homemaking. This belief has led to constant efforts to increase girls’ performance in the school system, in the areas where boys historically performed better, based on the assumption that boys and girls should perform the same, all things being equal, with the goal of enabling them to compete with their male peers in the work force and win. This is why boys do so poorly in school now, because it has been designed to favor girls over boys, based on the unproven assumption that boys and girls are completely equal in ability and inclination, and that any disparity where men outperform women is a result of discrimination against women. If you’ve read Discrimination and Disparities by Thomas Sowell (and if you haven’t, you should), you recognize the problem here.

The education system is built on the feminist presupposition that gender differences aren’t real, and educates children accordingly. This is step 1 of the transgender pipeline: blur the line between male and female. It does this by teaching girls to act like boys, and in doing so, teaching them that they should want to act like boys. The one-size-fits-all education system and its emphasis on setting up boys and girls for their ‘career path’ is constantly reinforcing this message that men and women are fundamentally the same, by preparing them for adulthood in the same way, and setting them up for Social Transition Lite.

After graduation, the process continues as women continue into their careers, a traditionally masculine life path, instead of marrying, having children, and keeping house. Instead of finding a husband and having children while they are young, women are encouraged to focus on their careers and be independent breadwinners, just like men. In fact they’re told they shouldn’t rely on a man for anything, since this is not ‘empowering’. This is backed up by the subtle threat that if a woman is financially dependent on her husband, she is setting herself up to be abused. Funnily enough, this is the exact opposite of the truth, as Thomas Sowell explains on pages 172-173 of The Vision of the Anointed, which is that married women are the least likely people in society to be victims of assault, including domestic violence.

Add in the constant stream of affirmation for women who act in traditionally masculine ways, whether from the media, special days and months celebrating them, or preferential treatment by companies and organizations who prize ‘diversity’, and you have a very powerful incentive for women to act, think, and live like men. Sounds an awful lot like stages 2 and 3 of the transgender pipeline; all that’s missing is calling women men. Thus, feminism socially transitions women in all but name.

Once gender distinctions have been so obscured that the only apparent difference between men and women is body parts, transgenderism follows logically. After all, if we can add and remove body parts through surgery what stops us from changing a man into a woman and vice versa? Why should those body parts even matter? Feminists certainly don’t think they do; and would cry misogyny at anyone who dared suggest that different parts may be indicative of the existence of other, non-physical differences, and ultimately, different roles. If biology doesn’t indicate any meaningful differences, why can’t women have penises? Is a woman just her sex organs?

This is quite the trap feminist have made for themselves. By denying the inherent difference of the sexes that transcends biology, and the gender roles that implies, they can either reduce women to being just sex organs, or they can say that a woman is anyone who identifies as a woman. In other words, a feminist must either acknowledge Andrew Tate as the ultimate feminist, or deny that women exist as anything but a figment of the imagination. So, uh, have fun with that, ladies.

While adults can refuse to follow feminism to its logical conclusion, based on having grown up when gender roles weren’t nearly as blurred as they are now, children don’t have the luxury of experience to fall back on. Children don’t instinctively know the difference between male and female, they have to learn it over time. Little girls who grow up in a world where the differences between the sexes are purposefully blurred in the name of ‘empowering women’, don’t have any defense against the logic of transgenderism. They’re already being pushed by the education system and the culture to act in masculine ways; they’re already being socially transitioned from a very young age. Is it any wonder that a little girl might be confused about whether she’s a boy or a girl?

Human beings have built into us a subconscious knowledge, an instinct, for what our gender roles are. This is why little girls gravitate towards baby dolls, while little boys gravitate towards trucks, for example. It’s why women are attracted to wealthier, higher-status men, and why men are attracted to young, fertile-looking women. The differences in the sexes are built into them by God, and can’t be expunged by a few screeds from discontent, angry women. Thus, when little girls are constantly taught to act in ways her subconscious knows is masculine, we shouldn’t be surprised when some of them wonder if they are masculine. Feminism has been soft-transing the kids for generations, the transgender lobby just follows feminism to its ultimate conclusion.

The question before us is: what can we do about it? If we continue to accept feminism, we’ll either end up in Andrew Tate World, viewing women as a collection of sex organs with a propensity for back-talk, or we end up in Dylan Mulvaney World where a ‘woman’ can have a penis. Neither option sounds particularly appealing, or Biblical.

The third option, of course, is to reject feminism and its presuppositions wholesale. That is to say, acknowledge that God made men and women equal in value, but different in roles and abilities. God made men and women to do different stuff, and they should do the stuff for which they were designed. That means we should stop raising girls to act like boys, stop telling women that they should pursue careers instead of starting families, and stop celebrating women who live like men. That means a lot of young women dropping out of the workforce to care for their husbands and children. That means a lot fewer women in government, and those mostly old. It means treating women like women, and treating men like men, and affirming that both sets of gender roles are important, just like the Bible does.

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